Local Favorite: Lake Placid Pub and Brewery’s Ubu Ale


Photo Credit: Lake Placid Pub and Brewery

Ubu Ale
Producer: Lake Placid Pub and Brewery
Location: Lake Placid, NY
Type: Beer, Ale
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 33

Remember when craft beer became all the rage some years ago? I was in Japan for a few months after it really took off, and boy was it a struggle to get down conbini beer when Laguanitas was the new standard.
My friends and I were able to find a few little never-crowded craft beer holes-in-the-walls, but never paid less that 1000 yen (or about 10 dollars) per beer.
Back in America and back to present day, I will admit I’ve fallen off the craft beer train. It did nothing short of explode, and pretty soon it was craft beer this craft beer that, every label is a pun or media reference, and our fries are craft beer battered and Pick Six at your local grocery chain became stressful and anxiety inducing.
I mean, don’t get me wrong – the more local producers the better, of course. But it has become the world of wine in its own sense, where it’s impossible to really know or have or try or understand all of it and all of them.

So anyway.

Point being, I don’t really do too much to go out of my way to track down craft beers or keep up-to-date on the industry that’s impossible to keep up to date on. Plus, to be honest, I don’t care too much for IPAs anymore, and too heavy or hoppy of beer and my gluten-insensitivity bullshit acts up.

But shortly after moving up here to Lake Placid I stopped by a town favorite, the spot a friend from college also worked at at the time. Lake Placid Pub and Brewery, as you’d hopefully derive from the name, brews many different skis at a time, changes it up multiple times a season, and as such really only has its own on tap. Given the situation, I gave a few of them a try – all were alright, all were drinkable. You know, pretty typical.

The one that really stood out, however, was the Ubu Ale, their flagship beer or whatever. “Imo” it tastes kind of like a light Guinness, with less fluff and some bitterness present at the end. Easily drinkable. And at 7% ABV, it’s got the kick to it too. Now it’s about the only beer I get in town.


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