Sugar: Florida Crystals



Photo Credit: Florida Crystals 


Florida Crystals
Natural Sugar, Pure Cane
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Distribution: Domino Foods, Inc.

Benefit Breakdown:
Non-GMO Verified
Certified Carbon-Free (Carbon Fund)
Certified Vegan (if you’re into that)
Grown in the USA – they’re the only ones that are USDA Certified Organic
Recyclable Packaging

With my limited selection up here, I think my best bet on the shelf was Florida Crystals. I went with the Pure Cane for perceived versatility, but there are a whole host of options from that company if you’ve got them available to you (including Demerara and organic, too!)

Otherwise it’s sugar, so I can’t really say anything beyond this in terms of health benefits. That being said, it does pretty damn well for being what it is.

What to do with it? Make Simple Syrup.
And then proceed to add that to just about every cocktail ever.


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