Americano: the Bastard Child of the Negroni and Boulvardier

(The Featured Image Stock Photo is just as representatively gross. Unfortunately, we all know that guy that would – and perhaps does – have these.)

Why is it that “Americano” always refers to the shitty States’ take or preference for something European?
Just like the coffee beverage with the Americano namesake – which is a bitch-ass diluted espresso – the Americano cocktail is, as you might imagine, the (low-) booze equivalent, where you sub the boiling water for club soda, and the espresso for some sweet liquors: namely, vermouth and Campari. (To be fair, the Americano cocktail was made it Europe in the early 1800s, by a Campari himself, but it didn’t really catch on until the Americans came and drank ’em.)
Or, it’s like the Negroni and the Boulvardier had an only child, and because they’re so successful and esteemed in their own rights they were a bit negligent and assumptive of hir future success so it’s the family’s fall from grace, washed-up trust fund baby; weak-willed and lacking any sort of real gumption.

All of that being said – it’s truly not the worst beverage in the world, if you still want to make one. It’s light and easy to drink, and if you’re a fan of bitter drinks like I am or need a digestive aid it’s still better than, like, a Screwdriver, and definitely better than a Cuba Libre.


1 pt. sweet vermouth
1 pt. Campari
4 pt. club soda

Highball glass
ice cubes for the glass
bar spoon

Combine the sweet vermouth and Campari in the highball glass you’ve filled with ice in foresight. Top with club soda. Enjoy it disdainfully, you American(o) you.


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