Hot Toddy for a Sick Boy

Coming back from visiting the family in Boise and a short Portland jaunt – the duration of which I had a piss-poor diet and wasn’t sleeping much – I was feeling a bit under the weather, as all of those Sick Germs circulating on the 16+ hour plane rides could make their way to my abused system. Stuffy nose, mild sinus headache, and many, many sneezes occurred. A few days later, I seemed to have (inevitably) passed it along to my Significant Other.

It was a Sunday and, for the first time in ever, I had it entirely off. By 3PM it’s five o’clock somewhere, and after reading Liquid Intelligence in bed for about six hours previous, I was quite ready for some alcohol. I, however, offered to make a drink for my Significant Other while he played Skyrim all day: a Hot Toddy for his health. Sometimes I can be pretty good at making others think they want what I want.


This Stock Photo is relevant because 1.) tea and 2.) a book, as I was reading one. Also 3.) I should get glasses but I refuse, because I don’t like having things on my head or face.

In all relative-seriousness, though, Hot Toddies do have some good ‘healing” benefits. While I’m not advocating that you ditch your normal exercise/water intake/Vitamin C and fresh foods regime, I do suggest you try adding this guy in. I mean, if you’re going to have alcohol while you’re sick anyway (and if you’re reading this blog you are that type), it’s way better for it to be a Hot Toddy than a rum and Coke (or Cuba Libre, as it once was).

Benefit Breakdown:
Water: Hydration. C’mon now.
Raw Honey: Antibacterial, reduces cough and sore throat (if present), and as a probiotic can also help with nausea.
– Buy raw honey or purchase from a trusted farmers’ market. That way it’s unrefined and hasn’t been tarnished by any satanistic heating practices, and also you sadly can’t trust most non-verified or raw/local honeys. Fun but Fucked-Up Fact: For some reason, it’s O.K. in America to sell corn byproduct or other shit-syrup blends as “honey” these days. And the majority of it is exactly that. So get it from that young, bearded, skinny-fit beekeeper guy at the market on Sunday. It gives you an excuse to talk to him.
Lemon: Vitamin C
Cloves: Anti-inflammatory and rubifacent (fancy for: warming and soothing); also contains minerals like potassium, which is important to replenish if you’re dispelling shit. Literally. Or figuratively, in the case that you’re vomiting.

Have I convinced you to drink some alcohol yet?!

Enough for two: one for the sick human you’re taking care of, and one for yourself because you’re taking care of hir.

Hot Toddy

10 oz. water
8 whole cloves
1.75 oz. lemon juice
3 oz. bourbon
2 tbsp. raw honey

two mugs
tea strainer (or julep strainer, doesn’t really matter, as long as the holes are small enough to catch the clove buds)
spoon for stirring
jigger for measuring
tbsp. measuring device

Boil the water and cloves over high heat in a small pan (or whatever pan you have that will hold ten ounces with some wiggle/boil-y water room); let boil for three to five minutes.

Meanwhile, distribute the bourbon and lemon equally into two mugs – they’ll each get 1.5 oz. of bourbon, and 3/4 oz of lemon juice. Once the water and clove solution is done, pour over a strainer into the two mugs equally. Add the honey, and stir until well-incorporated. Enjoy, and feel better!!

Note: you can also do the sticking-cloves-in-a-lemon-peel to serve thing, but at the time I didn’t have a lemon peel to use, and also I found that boiling the cloves, like letting tea steep, releases more of the nutrients than just having it fancily sitting in your drink post water-boiling. After all, this is about the health benefits, not aesthetics.


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