Yo Dude, You’re Dishonoring Cuba’s Independence from Spain with Your Tool-y Captain and Coke: The Cuba Libre

Poor Cuba.
The cocktail honoring an incredibly important time of your life as you burst into a state of independence has been reduced to and cemented as the sloppy white finance bro drink of Murray Hill, cash wedding bars, and the room-temperature beverage at underage house parties when mom’s not home and you’re just old enough to not have a sitter.

But what you’re used to making, the garbage-butt version, is just a fucking rum and Coke. You’re missing two important things and, when it’s a cocktail with three ingredients in total, you’re fucking it up pretty badly. You need to add a lime, and get some nice Cuban rum.

Cuba Libre

2 oz. Cuban rum (darker has more flavor)
4 oz. Cola (perhaps find some small-batch as that’s a thing now, or try Zevia?)
1 lime (organic, like always, but more importantly here because your rind has a big part in this)

ice for cooling
Highball or Collins glass – just something skinnier and taller in shape
citrus squeezer for lime squeezing
optional: citrus muddler, for potentially muddling a spent lime rind

Squeeze the lime into a highball or Collins glass. Add a few ice cubes, and top with the rum. Throw in half of the spent lime rind, and top with your cola of choice.

The lime imparts some much needed acidity to balance out the deafening sweetness of Coke (or “cola”). Nothing need be said for using the appropriate and higher quality rum.

Note: If you want it extra lime-y, you can also muddle half of the lime rind in the bottom of the glass – after squeezing – to release more oils. Go ahead and keep it in there after muddling, too.



2 responses to “Yo Dude, You’re Dishonoring Cuba’s Independence from Spain with Your Tool-y Captain and Coke: The Cuba Libre

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