Local(-ish) Favorite: Citizen Cider’s The Dirty Mayor


Photo Cred: Citizen Cider

The Dirty Mayor
Producer: Citizen Cider
Location: Burlington, VT
Type: Cider, dry
ABV: 5.2%

As my body has slowly become more and more adverse to gluten (fuck you, self) but most gluten-free beers continue to suck, I’ve hesitantly been returning to the local cider game whilst eating out. I’ve actually mostly been pleasantly surprised.

What seems to be #trending now in the problem department is a lack of depth of flavor, while they mostly move away from their heavy, sickly sweet relatives of recent years. It’s a tricky balance. The cider I had last night seemed to be clarified twice over, making it resemble a Sprite, and was even more tasteless than a Bud Light. But it was, at least, crisp and not super sweet. It was drinkable, and diabetes-less.

However. A few weeks ago – who knows why I haven’t written about it twice yet! – I came upon a Citizen Cider I hadn’t seen before, and in some small way it has changed my life a little: The Dirty Mayor.

With a name that doesn’t really clue you in to anything about it, the menu I had described it as a ginger cider. And that it is.

The description of The Dirty Mayor from the Citizen Cider website:
“We offer this cider to the honorable and fully infamous mayor of the only non-town in America, Fort Ethan Allen, USA. The mayor likes his cider with a ginger nip, so in our current effort to ensure local harmony and diplomacy we offer this cider up to the mayor and his fellow citizens.”

Unlike other ciders with “flavors” that you might pretend to smell or placebo-taste, this one is very heavily gingered. Not candied ginger, of course, but straight up real ginger. So much so that it is too much for those I’ve had try it, perhaps expecting something like a ginger ale. I’d argue that it is exactly like a ginger ale, just without the sugar. I suppose, then, most people are looking not for the ginger but the sugar.

But if you’re a ginger type, whatever that means, you’ll like this. If you’d like a ginger ale without the sugar (and some alcohol), you’ll love this. If you like a strong ginger tea without any of that flowery-fruity crap you find in tea bags, you’ll love this.

Even if you’re not a ginger type, whatever that means, give ’em some cred, and try one of their many other variations. Why? They locally source each and every one of their apples, and every drop of their cider.


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