Studio Six: Saving Some Strawberries from the Garbage Place

Strawberries are, I know, la fruita del diablo, or the Devil’s fruit*, and also are definitely not in season. That being said, I work in a large place that serves food (and can tell you now that I’m not about to – at this time – change the minds of our food purchasers or, even less likely, the general population that comes into the resort), and we serve strawberries, among other fruits, all year long. Sometimes we serve too many strawberries, among other fruits, and because of health code cannot save them for a future date. So, on those sometimes, I take what I can home, and do something with it. This is one such time.


Studio Six

2 parts gin
1 part Honey Syrup
.25 parts lemon juice
4 strawberries
Sparkling wine to top

muddler for muddling
jigger for measuring
shaker for shaking
Hawthorne strainer, but only for the ice

Muddle three of the strawberries in the bottom of your shaking tin. Add the gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice, fill with ice, and shake. Strain the ice from the cocktail, but let all of the strawberry pieces into the glass (they’re tasty and, post-shaking, boozy). This might take a few smacks of the strainer on the tin, and some rustling of its contents to get it all out. Top with sparkling wine, and garnish with the remaining strawberry.

*Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation, Command and Control) wrote a great piece for The Atlantic some years ago. I know that things have changed since then, but any research will show you that it is very little – if not for the worst – at least until the human laborers are replaced by robots. You can find “In the Strawberry Fields” here.


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