The New York Sour: Whiskey and Wine at the Same Damn Time

When I Snapchatted that I was making a drink with whiskey and red wine, I received more “eww”s back than anything else. Fair enough. If I hadn’t directed my life into the spirits world, I, along with my 23 year-old peers, would also probably imagine some room temperature Jack poorly mixed with a vinegary, tannin-heavy “house red”, whatever that means. I, too, would tell that to please fuck off.

Despite the response, I told one of my friends in the city to give the New York Sour a try because it actually is a good idea, and he did. He did try, I mean; apparently no bartender that night knew what a New York Sour was. While not wholly surprising, it does have the namesake, and the namesake one of the best cocktail destinations in the world, no less.

So as it stands, I still have no general consensus backing to help me out with the conviction that whiskey and wine can and do play nicely together. Nevermind that, though; look where general consensus got us this past November. You know better than that.

New York Sour

2 part whiskey (bourbon or rye, pick yer poison)
1 part simple syrup
1 part lemon juice
1/2 part Malbec or Shiraz

jigger for measuring
shaker for shaking
ice for shaking and serving
Hawthorne strainer for straining
fine mesh strainer for straining, as well
spoon for wine floating
rocks glass for serving

Put your standard whiskey sour ingredients (whiskey of choice, simple syrup, and lemon juice) in your shaking tin, and shake away. Double strain into your rocks glass filled with ice. Position your spoon, rounded side up, over your drink, and very gently and slowly pour the wine over it. This is to make sure that the wine floats and doesn’t mix. Admire how fancy it looks, and then how lovely it tastes.


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