Simple Syrup

The necessary health-evil of the standard cocktail.

At least it’s easy to make, and if you make it yourself it’ll be about eleven times cheaper. You can also choose the sugar that goes into it. See this post for the sugar I used for the first batch.

Simple Syrup

1 part granulated sugar
1 part water

Combine the sugar and water in a blender, and blend until the sugar has fully dissolved. Dunzo.
(Alternatively, shake in a bottle or old food-item jar. You can do this throughout a period of time, though, so your arm doesn’t fall off.)

A note on what “parts” means here: this is by weight, not volume. This is because the sugar and water have very different densities, and as such there could be a large discrepancy between the “equal” parts when measured by volume.

A note on 1:1 vs. 2:1 simple syrup: 2:1 simple is not actually twice as “sweet” as 1:1. It’s more subtle than not, but otherwise will help with the syrup’s shelf life and the consistency of the drink (less dilution).


A note on why I didn’t do this stove-top like most recipes: for the picky (and also the stubborn), it’s because using this method would again fuck up the ratios of sugar to water. Because evaporation. Meddling with the finer details here.

For other syrups, see Honey Syrup and Maple Syrup (which isn’t a recipe, just that thing you use on breakfast carbs that is fantastic in and of itself, but also adds a great flavor to some cocktails).


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