The Dated Housewife Cocktail: the Lemon Drop

Born from my current tequila outage (read: crisis), a raided and dated ingredient collection, and some orphan citrus vodka nips from the holidays, was this guy.

Does anyone drink these anymore? It’s societally labeled as a “girl drink”, but I see more “girls” drinking Cosmos and none of these. And I thought Cosmos were passé.

Anyway, this is the bare-bones edition. Original flavor, if you will. You can find all sorts of stuff in these now, from limoncello to triple sec and egg whites, to make them all the sweeter and accessorized. Bedazzled. A bird was put on it.


Lemon Drop

2 part vodka (or citrus vodka)
1 part simple syrup
.75 part lemon juice

jigger for measuring
shaker for shaking
Hawthorne or julep strainer for straining
tea strainer for additional straining, if you don’t want little ice pieces in it
coupe glass

Combine your ingredients and ice in the shaker, and do what you usually do. Strain or double strain, and pour into a coupe or martini glass.

If you fancy, you can also rim your glass with sugar, and/or garnish with a lemon slice, wedge, or twist.


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