Cannon Beach Distillery: Peters’ Family Gin is the Tastiest Dirty Martini Straight Out of the Bottle

Everything that Cannon Beach Distillery makes is a work of spirited art. From its agave-based liquor to its award-winning rums, no doubt the products of absolute dedication and insane and inspiring energy of the founder, CBD is a true gem that I was lucky to have stumbled upon.

I was last on the West Coast for a tasting perhaps seven years ago when Cannon Beach Distillery was just getting started, and had maybe five options to choose from. This past winter when I returned, however, the lineup was noticeably larger and also accessorized by quite a few medals at that.

While, again, they’re all so good that I’d buy the entire selection if I owned my own bar, the one that stood out to me most was Peters’ Family Gin. While not skimping on its complex botanical offering, there was an additional, crisp and clear dimension of olive brine. Lukewarm and in a plastic tasting cup or not, it was still the best gin I’ve ever had.


Just stir with ice, strain, and add some olives. Nothing more is needed.

The only real bummer is that it isn’t available to ship outside of Oregon because of very archaic and bizarre Oregon State liquor laws. The owner can’t even sell directly to the restaurant right down the street from him; he legitimately has to go through a distributor who will then drive all the way back up there to give it to the restaurant. And we all know about transportation miles being the biggest environmental no-no.

Cannon Beach Distillery’s Peter’s Family Gin is the gin that’s always on my mind whenever, well, whenever I think about gin in general. Greenhook is still my top favorite East Coast local, but if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, I implore you to make a trip to Cannon Beach Distillery a priority.


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