Bota Box: Nighthawk Black


cred: Bota Box

Nighthawk Black

Producer: Bota Box
Location: California
Type: Wine, red, fairly light and without much of a tannin bite
ABV: 13.5%

Mentioned in my previous post, this selection from Bota Box is one of my go-to options for box wine. It’s sufficiently full-bodied while still maintaining accessibility for a wide range of food pairings – meat and cheese plate, anyone? – and doesn’t have that annoying tannin presence that floats some people’s boats, but certainly not mine. (Hey! That’s another good reason to buy box instead of bottle: if you ever find yourself on a life raft because your primary ocean vessel burned/sunk/exploded, this box weighs significantly less than its equivalent four glass bottles of wine. You can also, once on shore, use the box for kindling, and use the bag for fishing, an inflatable pillow, and more. Wow!)

If you’re not trying to survive on a desert island from the materials that make up a Bota Box, you will find that the whole package is 100% recyclable and the box is made of 90% post-consumer fiber. The bag is BPA free, and the wines themselves are produced at Bota’s certified sustainable winery.

If red wine isn’t your jam and you’re somehow not sold on its special-agent sounding name, it’s still worth a shot to try one of Bota Box’s whites, especially as we head into the warmer seasons. Better to try a Box than a resource-inhaling bottle, no?


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