The Salty Dog: My New York City Experience in a Glass

What used to be my go-to, I now haven’t had in half a year – the strict acidity of grapefruit paired with only a sodium’d rim and well-quality gin (at least in the city) now sounds like a lukewarm sour stomach concoction of no desire.

However, as the warm weather steals a few days through North Country’s infinite winter and the demand for light citrus drinks increases in turn, I thought I’d give it another try. After a bad episode with tequila years ago (I blame Red Bull), I returned to it a year later and it has solidified itself as a staple of my livelihood and also has given me life (AKA mezcal). So why couldn’t a harmless, juice-based gin beverage be the same?

Salty Dog Cocktail

Salty Dog

2 oz. gin or vodka
4 oz grapefruit juice
salt for the rim
optional lime wedge for garnish

jigger for measuring
glass for serving

Use a wee bit of grapefruit juice (or a slice of grapefruit) to wet the rim of your glass, and roll it in salt for a nice salt rim. If you don’t do this it transforms into a more particular kind of dog: a greyhound. Maybe you like those better though? I don’t know, up to you.

Put your gin (or vodka) in the glass, and then the grapefruit juice, and then ice to fill. Add the lime wedge if you opted in. Salty Dog.


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