A Mid-May Snow Shower Cocktail

Well, I guess that’s North Country for ya.

For two days this week snow fell upon Lake Placid during an already dreary spring. It seems as though there are only five tourist up here at any given time, being the resort town that it is; we’re currently caught after the exodus of skiers and just before the massive influx of horse show attendees, Iron Man competitors, and summer vacationing families arriving. They’ll all come running over drive up from the city in their Mercedes in about three weeks.

But with snow falling like the dead of winter again, when a woman asked me to make her a mocktail (I think she was pregnant, but it’s rude to assume that, right?) I wanted something that felt like a snow-covered coniferous forest. Or more like the snow-covered coniferous forest I was now living in. Damnit.


Of course, I later added booze to the recipe. C’mon now.

Mid-May Snow Shower

3 part cranberry juice
1 part cedar syrup
3-4 large sage leaves
.5 pt lime juice
2 parts gin (Greenhook for East Coasters, Peter’s Family for the West)
tonic to top

muddler for muddling
shaker for shaking
ice for shaking and serving
strainer for straining
Collins glass for serving

Muddle sage leaves in your shaking tin. Add cranberry, cedar syrup, lime juice, and gin; fill with ice, and shake. Strain into your serving glass, and top with tonic. Garnish with sage leaves if you’re feeling fancy, and if it’s fall and cranberry season, throw some whole cranberries on too while you’re at it.


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