About Rina & Day Old Salads

Trying to solve the world’s drinking problem. It just happens to fuel mine.


My name is Rina. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, grew up in Boise, Idaho, did my undergrad in Middletown, Connecticut, lived in Brooklyn, New York for a year and a half, and have now escaped to the coniferous hills of Lake Placid, New York.

First and foremost came my love of edible consumables; I ate a lot of any and all food. Or, maybe, I just really liked sweets and Whoppers from Burger King. But then, sparing the details, I did somewhat of a 630 (there have been a lot of dietary modifications, okay?) and also became “of age”, and now my culinary focus has come to the beverage world and met up with my other interests – boiled down, that is a general conscientiousness of one’s life impact on the all-encompassing environment – land, water, air, other humans, animals…you get it.

Ultimately, better ingredients just make better drinks. Damn good ones, really. So whether you’re just looking for a few good drink recipes, some history or Fun Facts in the realm, some new labels to try, or want to up your conscientious (alcohol) consumer game, I guess you’ve come to the right place.

For a more detailed, debatably-necessary breakdown of my “core values”, you can find them here.