Soju and Shochu: Two Different Things, Mildly Related, Both You Ought to Try

Still very far from being bar staples in America, I’ve begun to see these more and more (and made sure they were stocked on my bar shelves upon entry) – and rightfully so. The light versatility of these spirits lend themselves well to both the craft cocktail as well as the casual (and dare I say college?) drinker.

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Local* Favorite: 8 Feathers’ Vanilla Bean Whiskey

It smells like vanilla extract, and more importantly tastes like what you think vanilla extract should actually taste like (c’mon, I know we’ve all been there). It’s an extremely smooth, vanillin-free whiskey made of local grains that are ground in-facility, and the byproduct of fermentation is given to local farmers to feed their animal habitants. Moreover, 8 Feathers recycles the water it uses, saving a hell of a lot of the resource in production. Some really good stuff here.

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Giving a Fuck, Mate: Banrock Station

Banrock Station is a vineyard out of Australia, with a developed variety of whites, reds, and everything in between. According to its website, Banrock Station has devoted over 6 million AU to over 130 countries for environmental projects, from animal conservation to plant preservation across the globe. It also has a managed wetlands right next to its wine-making property.

I’ll drink to that.

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