Local* Favorite: 8 Feathers’ Vanilla Bean Whiskey

It smells like vanilla extract, and more importantly tastes like what you think vanilla extract should actually taste like (c’mon, I know we’ve all been there). It’s an extremely smooth, vanillin-free whiskey made of local grains that are ground in-facility, and the byproduct of fermentation is given to local farmers to feed their animal habitants. Moreover, 8 Feathers recycles the water it uses, saving a hell of a lot of the resource in production. Some really good stuff here.

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Giving a Fuck, Mate: Banrock Station

Banrock Station is a vineyard out of Australia, with a developed variety of whites, reds, and everything in between. According to its website, Banrock Station has devoted over 6 million AU to over 130 countries for environmental projects, from animal conservation to plant preservation across the globe. It also has a managed wetlands right next to its wine-making property.

I’ll drink to that.

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